Belarusian Folk Tales

How the Hen Saved the Cock

There once lived a hen and a cock. One day the cock raked out a large bean. He gulped it down and the bean got stuck in his throat. The cock fell down with his legs up and didn't breathe. The hen ran up to him, the cock was moaning.

"How can I help you, Petya?" the hen asked.

"It is necessary," the cock whispered, "to get some butter, to ease my throat."

"But where should I get it?"

"From a cow."

The hen ran to the cow to ask for butter to help the cock.

"Well," the cow said, "I'll give you some butter. But, first of all, you'll go to mowers to ask for some hay."

The hen came to the mowers to ask for hay.

The mowers said:

"You'll go to a baker and ask for pies. We'll eat the pies, then we'll make hay."

The hen came to the baker to ask for pies.

The baker said:

"You'll go to a forest and bring some wood so that I can bake pies."

The hen ran to the forest and brought some wood.

The baker baked some pies.

The hen brought the pies to the mowers. They ate the pies and made hay.

The hen brought the hay to the cow.

The cow ate the hay and gave some butter.

The cock buttered his throat, swallowed the bean and merrily crowed:


That is the end of the tale.


Пераклад: С.Трафімук