Janka Kupała

I love

I love the first shoots that make our fields quicken,

And the meadows swaddled in fresh green,

And the forest sounds that sadly keen,

And a summer freshet's murmured trickle...


I love our village decked with mossy sheen,

Witness to all the wrongs on it inflicted,

Our people, like a flower wilted, stricken,

Dear to me is our country's every scene.


I love the sparkling eyes and the soft breast

And the lissom form of a fair maid,

Awake, asleep, think of her constantly,


I love - and cry out in my loneliness:

And the dry forest hears the cry I've prayed,

The cry: O who, O who is there loves me?




Пераклад: Вера Рыч
Крыніца: Janka Kupała. Sonnets. Mastackaja litaratura, 2002.