Janka Kupała

To the court

To the court, o scribes, I yield myself to you,

Judge me with the statutes written in your code,

All my life in legal serfdom I abode,

Though I'd not let you crush my soul, nor will I do.


I passed by, ignored, your pharisaic crew,

I admit no homage to your idols owed,

If a groan of cursing fled my breast, its load

Was curse of self and snake of pain that gnawed me through.


Never sinned I sin that with your sins could vie,

To the lees I drank the cup of suffering,

Yet not once did it corrupt me deep within.


Only one sin on my soul like lion did lie,

Judge then this, my fault, a heart, a heart had I!

But, in truth can this be such a grievous sin?




Пераклад: Вера Рыч
Крыніца: Janka Kupała. Sonnets. Mastackaja litaratura, 2002.